This scheme is designed to offer customer security when purchasing an instrument for the beginner student as it gives the option of returning the instrument within 6 months of purchase.  From the day of purchase the instrument is your property, unless returned. This means that if you decide to keep the instrument, there is no further cost to pay.

If you choose to return, we will reimburse 75% of the original amount paid provided the instrument is returned in good condition.

For example, if you were to buy a Trevor James 10x flute for £299.00, and return it within six months, we would refund £224.25

Please note that this scheme applies only to instruments purchased in person from the shop, and not via the internet.



This scheme is helpful for two different reasons. The first is for customers who are looking for a better quality instrument. For example if you currently own an Elkhart Flute we will take it part exchange for a Yamaha 211 Flute. This would be for example taking £50 off the original price of the Yamaha Flute.

The second is for changing the size of your current instrument. For example if your start on an 1/8 size violin we will part exchange it for a 1/4 size violin. This scheme is especially used for violins as we do not rent violins.


VAT Free Instrument Purchase Scheme

The following conditions will apply in most cases.

  • The Student must be in full time education at an LEA School or Academy.
  • The Student must be receiving music tuition at the School or Music Centre.
  • The instrument must be appropriate for the student’s needs.
  • The instrument must change hands on educational premises.

First, check with your School, Academy or Music Centre that they operate the VAT Free Scheme. Come in to our shop and choose your instrument, or alternatively phone and reserve an instrument. Obtain the necessary for from your school. Complete your details on the form and the choice of instrument, you may have to pay an admission charge to the school

Pass the completed form to the School or Music Centre with your payment, for them to complete the details and send form to us as an official order. The instrument will then be dispatched to your School or Music Centre for you to collect.





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